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10 Day Processing Time?

Our standard processing time is 10 (of our) business days. This is clearly stated in our checkout terms and agreements. It must be agreed to by click the checkbox in the cart before you can proceed to checkout.  You can find our open hours on our calendar.  This does not include shipping transit times.

Why is our processing time 10 business days?  We understand that this may seem like a long time compared to the big retail/online companies.   We know it is; However, we are very small and so is our shop!  We do not have the extra storage space to keep everything ready made or in-stock.  For the most part, our items are made to order.  This means we make your order after you place it; Sometimes we have to wait on our supplies to arrive.  Having a 10 day processing time allows us time to receive our supplies and make your order.  What this means to you is that you are receiving a fresh, quality product that has not sat on a shelf and collected dust.

With that said, for the most part, we ship orders as soon as we can.  Most orders ship do sooner than our standard processing time.

However, during our extremely busy months of September, October, and November it can take up to 15 of our business days.