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Trough Creek Candle Co Fundraiser Information

Thank you for your interest in Trough Creek Candle Co.'s fundraising program! 


We now offer a few different fundraiser programs.  We have a Standard Fundraiser, a Choose Your Own fundraiser, and our Scentsable-Soylutions Fundraiser. Our fundraisers are now easier than ever. With all of our programs you earn 40% of your total sales. Unlike some programs that lure you in with extremely high percentages and then hit you with the fine print, we offer straight forward profits. There is no fine print here. 40% is 40% of your total sales, not 40% of the profit. We also cut out the layer percentages, now you earn 40% NO MATTER WHAT. Check out our programs today.

1.  Standard Fundraiser Program:

This program is made up of 5 of our best selling products (Lg Square Mason Candle, Lg Jelly Jar Candle, Large Smelly Jellies, Melts, and Sm Room Spray) and 8 of our top selling fragrances (4 seasonal and 4 standard).

2.  Scentsable-Soylution Program:

This program is comprised of an Irvin's metal punched tart warmer (4 choices), Melts, Brittle, and Warmer Oils, and Smelly Jellies in 8 of our top selling fragrances (4 seasonal and 4 standard).

 3.  Custom Fundraiser Program:

 This program is fully customizable!  You choose up to 5 products* and 8-10 fragrances*.  You can customize it even further by setting your own prices.

*You will receive a fundraiser worksheet with all pertinent information after contacting us.


Why Choose Us?

  •     We offer quality, affordable, hand-made products
  •     Large potential customer base (Almost everyone loves candles or air fresheners!)
  •     Products in a wide price range. (Something for everyone.)
  •     Higher profits (Earn more than with regular candy or hoagie fundraisers.)
  •     2 easy straight-out-of-the-box programs
  •     Customized fundraiser program (Choose your products and scents. Earn even more by setting your own price!)
  •     Free fundraiser kit provided
  •     Personal customer service (Work with one person the whole way through your fundraiser)
  •     Optional samples available (No upfront fees and only pay for those samples not returned)
  •     Customized labels available*
  •     Optional sorting available
  •     FREE delivery within a 75 mile radius.

How Much Can We Earn?

You will earn 40% of the total sales. No matter how much you sell, you will always earn 40%. There are no hidden fees or fine print. Optional price setting available with the customizable fundraiser which means even more money for your school or organization!

 Getting Started... The first and most important step is to contact us at

  1.     After contacting us, you will receive an email with 2 forms. (Contract and Worksheet)
  2.     Choose one of our three programs that works best for your group.
  3.     Decide the length of your fundraiser. (2 weeks is the standard amount of time.)
  4.     Complete and return the Fundraiser Contract.
  5.     You will receive your fundraising kit and samples if requested.
  6.     Supply each person with an order form (and sample pack) and begin selling.
  7.     At the completion of the fundraiser, collect all money and order forms.
  8.     All checks should be made out to your group/organization.
  9.     Fill out a master form and return it to us along with the total payment. (60% of your total sales)
  10.     You will receive your products within approximately 2-4 weeks.

* As stated above, we do offer custom labels. If you are interested in having your school/group name and/or logo on our product labels, please contact us for individual information and quotes. There will be a nominal fee for creation of customized labels. On each label your school/group name and/or logo and scent name will appear. Our company name will appear on the bottom in the warning label. These warning labels are not permitted to be changed or removed.