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Tobacco Lath Ladders

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These ladders are made using authentic Amish Tobacco Lath. They are very primitive and rustic looking and and the uses are endless! Stand them on your porch, hang them on your wall, or use them as a long picture frame.  They make a great addition to any primitive or rustic home decor! 
We make all different sizes. (Custom sizes are available upon request.)

Widths are measured from the outside of the ladders.
Standard Sizes include:

Large Wide - 4'H x 12"W
Large Regular - 4'H x 8"W
Medium Wide - 3'H x 12"W **Now with 4 rungs.**
Medium Regular - 3'H x 8"W
Small Regular - 2"H x 8"W
Tiny - 1'H x 4"W

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